March 25, 2008 - Green College Speakers Series, UBC

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Green College is a graduate residence at the University of British Columbia. I’ll be talking to graduate students and professors from a variety of disciplines about books for kids.

When I was growing up, children’s and young adult books often stuck to “safe” topics like summer vacations and being the new kid at school. But that’s all changed in recent years. Today, some of my favourite children’s books talk about big, scary topics like child labour, prostitution, female circumcision, and AIDS. And it’s no surprise that young people are reading books about issues that many adults dare not face, because many kids are working toward solving these issues themselves. These days, young people across the country are building wells in Africa, working against child labour worldwide, fighting homelessness here in Canada, and raising money for sick kids at home and abroad. Thinking about the power of young people with great ideas gets me very excited, and I can hardly wait to talk to professors and students at UBC about it.