January 1, 2012 - Four new book contracts!

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After what feels like ages without a new book contract, I’m pleased to announce that I now have four with Orca Book Publishers!

My juvenile novel, Not a Chance, will be coming out in Spring 2013. It’s set in the Dominican Republic, and the main character is a thirteen-year-old Canadian girl who spends every summer there in a tiny village where her parents volunteer. This year, she arrives to learn that Aracely, her best friend there, is engaged to be married. Aracely is fourteen, and Dian is determined to stop the wedding if she can find a way to do it.

The other three books are part of a nonfiction series for ages 8 to 11. The first one is about how bicycles are used in surprising ways around the world. It’ll be released in Spring 2013, and meanwhile, I’ll be blogging about the research process. Please feel free to check it out here, and do let me know if you have any ideas of things I should definitely cover.

In other news, I’ve just learned that After Peaches will soon be released in Korean!