February 8, 2012 - pedaling peddlers

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My current book project is supposed to focus on how bicycle’s are used around the world, so unfortunately I don’t have room to list all the bicycle-powered businesses that impress me right here on the BC coast. And so, continuing on with the philosophy that started this blog, since it doesn’t fit into my book, I’ll put my list here.

These are some of my favourites: a compost company that picks up your kitchen scraps and delivers compost; an organic vegetable delivery program; gardeners who do bicycle-powered yard care; an eco-courier; the Greater Victoria Public Library’s book mobile program that brings books to people around the city; and (winning my vote for ingenuity) a flour miller that uses a bicycle to power his mill! (See the photo on the right by Christina Symons, Roberts Creek, BC.)

I’d love to hear about other innovative bicycle-powered businesses you know about!