July 11, 2012 - letters from readers

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When I was twelve, my parents signed me up for a writing workshop with my favourite children’s author. I’d read all of Kit Pearson‘s books, and my folks drove me across the city to hear her speak. I sat in awe for the full hour, and when our session finished, I worked up the courage to ask for her address. I wrote to Kit for years. She answered every one of my letters, by hand, and I will always be grateful for her generosity, thoughtfulness, and encouragement for my writing. A few years ago, I met her again here in Victoria and was deeply touched when she attended one of my book launches.

Last week, I received an email from a parent who’d read Out of the Box with her child. The girl had written me a letter and wanted to know where to send it. I’m excited and honoured, and I will write back, right away, grateful for this willingness to connect, this gift, this trust.