October 25, 2012 - Jump start

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On Monday, I joined protests against the Enbridge Pipeline. Surrounded by 4000 people, I stood on the legislature lawn with my three-year-old daughter on my shoulders. She cheered, clapped and danced at all the right times, and I, below, grinning silently, tears streaming down my face. Big crowds gathered for a common dream always move me.

And that common passion has fuelled my writing this week. My current book project is about sustainable energy, and all through the first draft, I’ve been stalling. I’m worried about sounding preachy. Or worse, hypocritical: I don’t have a biodigester on my balcony providing all my electricity needs, after all.

But the big crowd at the protest sparked something in me, a new perspective: we might not all have the technology available to live sustainably yet, but we’re working on it. If thousands of people are willing to gather in the rain on a chilly October day to cheer for an oil-free future, we’re on our way. I can write about the journey and look forward to the destination.