November 7, 2012 - Celebrate Science!

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This weekend, I made my debut as a  science writer. Celebrate Science is the only Festival of Science Writers for Children and Youth in the entire country, and I was gobsmacked to be invited.  Sure, I have a non-fiction book coming out in the spring, but me – a science writer?

Whenever I think about myself and science, I remember my grade 11 physics teacher shaking his head sadly and saying, “Don’t worry, Michelle. Not everyone has a scientific mind.” It’s taken me twenty years to realize he was wrong. Every person who’s ever crouched down to watch a bug, collected shells, or watched leaves fall has a scientific mind. Science is curiosity, and we all start out with heaps of it. The tricky bit is to get to adulthood with that curiosity intact.

I’m not running scared from science anymore. It’s a lot more fun to celebrate.