June 6, 2013 - Ramping up for Ride Don’t Hide

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Life takes funny turns sometimes. Last summer, I looked in my closet and found stacks of my books. They weren’t doing anyone much good there, so I started sending them out to organizations that might enjoy them. As part of those mailings, I sent a copy of Out of the Box to the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Now, eight months later, I’m getting ready to be a “champion lead” for a mental-health fundraiser, Ride Don’t Hide, here in Victoria on June 23. And perhaps most zingy, zany and empowering of all, the Ride Don’t Hide website has just posted a blog entry that I wrote for them about my own experience with mental health (and lack thereof).

It feels great to be a part of all this. So glad I didn’t leave those books languishing in my closet!