April 8, 2015 - Trash Talk now on shelves!

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Trash Talk: Moving Toward a Zero-Waste World has just been released, and it’s getting some great reviews. Hurray!

Researching this book was hugely inspiring. I loved celebrating people around the world who reduce waste in astonishing ways. One of my favorites was the Repair Café movement. It started in the Netherlands and has spread around the globe. I wished we had a place in Victoria where people could learn to repair small household items … and as it turns out, many other people wished the same thing!

We got together in January, and on February 14th, we held the city’s first Repair Café at the public library. All morning, the place was hopping. People brought in everything from toasters to broken china to holey sweaters, learned how to repair them, and left with fully-functioning items, smiles, and a story to tell. We’re now organizing regular events at the library, and the response from media and public alike has been phenomenal.

Zero Waste, it appears, is an idea whose time as come!