July 26, 2016 - Coming soon to shelves near you!

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Pocket Change: Pitching In for a Better World will be released in October 2016!

Now here’s a book that was hard to wrap my mind around. It took me months to figure out what I wanted to say, and even longer to choose which inspiring stories to include. I wanted to trace how money became so important in our society, and showcase families and individuals around the world who are creating strong, healthy communities that thrive with very little money at all. As always happens with my nonfiction research, writing this book inspired lots of changes in my own life – I now enjoy volunteering for The Fruit-tree Project, picking local backyard fruit that would otherwise go to waste, I’ve joined a small group of artists that meets regularly to support each other’s work, and I’ve been connecting with neighbours who want to learn each others’ skills. I’d also like to build a boulevard garden and start a tiny library outside our apartment building.

Of course, the biggest irony of this book is that it will soon be sold in stores … for money! Part of the proceeds will buy my family groceries, and the rest will support micro-loans to communities around the world.

And now I’m off to dig up the boulevard.

Happy summertime, everyone!