February 9, 2017 - In the works

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I flipped through Orca Books’s catalogue yesterday, excited to see all the great titles hitting the shelves this Spring. (I’m especially looking forward to Let’s Eat!, by Kimberley Veness, about urban gardening, eating local, and permaculture. Hurray!)

A few years will pass before my own new books show up in a catalogue, but I look forward to when they do. In 2018, Orca will be publishing my next book in the Footprints series, which is about rewilding – bringing wild nature back into our cities. (We’re still playing around with the title, but I’ll include it here whenever we figure it out!) In 2019, Orca will be releasing my first juvenile novel in a while. Right now it’s called Seed and involves an urban farm and a guerrilla gardener, among other things. I’ve also signed a contract for another nonfiction book about community, and my research so far is inspiring me to try out all sorts of fun stuff, from planting a boulevard garden to setting up a free lending library. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!