michelle mulder

When I was growing up in Port Moody, BC, the library was my favourite hang-out spot. Each week, I checked out as many books as I could carry, and with each book, I cracked open the cover, took a deep breath, and jumped into another life.

At university, I studied literature, and between courses, I helped dig a water pipeline in the Dominican Republic and flipped burgers for a summer at a McDonald’s in Germany. When I graduated, I cycled 6000 kilometres across Canada, became a travel writer, taught creative writing in the Arctic, and worked as a simulated patient for medical students to practice on. I also married the pen pal that I’d been writing to since I was fourteen years old, and together we traveled around his home country of Argentina.

I began writing for kids because kids’ books have always been the ones I most enjoyed reading. These days, when I’m not making up stories or going on adventures, I enjoy reading, swimming, baking, hiking, and pedaling my bicycle around Victoria, BC, where I live with my husband and our daughter.

I’m a member of the following great organisations that support children’s books and writing in general: