brilliant! shining a light on sustainable energy

Orca Book Publishers, Fall 2013

* selected for Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids and Teens 2014 and Resource Links “The Year’s Best” 2013; and nominated for an Information Book Award 2014

How can pond scum power a car? What is the carbon cycle? How does a wave-energy converter work? Where were the first windmills built?

Did you know that cars can run on french-fry grease or that human poop can be used to provide power to classrooms? Kids in Mexico help light up their houses by playing soccer, and in the Philippines, pop-bottle skylights are improving the quality of life for thousands of families. Brilliant! is about what happens when you harness the power of imagination and innovation: the world changes for the better! Full of examples of unusual (and often peculiar) power sources, Brilliant! encourages kids to look around for new and sustainable ways to light up the world.

Non-fiction for ages 8+

ISBN: 9781459802216



“An upbeat exploration of the often-curious world of alternative energy … The book is peppered with exotic photographs, as well as quick-shooting boxed items, to catch the attention of busy eyes. A smart, welcoming introduction to alternative fuels, one that puts the greater world in readers’ hands.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“Teeming with creative innovations from around the globe … The illustrations and colour photos enhance the text, and the ‘Energy Facts’ and ‘Power Lines’ sections fill the spaces and create more energy themselves! … An informative, entertaining and electrifying addition to the Orca Footprints series. This energetic book is a must-have for any school library. Highly Recommended.”

- CM Magazine

“A terrific informational book for students to learn about sustainable energy sources in the world. It has beautiful photographs and is packed with information … It will also help students learn about other parts of the world … Wonderful book. Highly Recommended.”

- Tucson Unified School District

“Mulder presents an objective, positive approach to teaching young people about traditional, non-renewable sources of energy, and also about looking for alternative sources of renewable energy, sometimes in unexpected places … An excellent choice for introducing children to the variety of energy sources available today and to the complexities of the energy discussion.”

- Library Media Connection

“Mulder investigates our energy dependence and explains other environmentally friendly possibilities in a fun, exciting, and optimistic manner … Clear language and catchy wordplay in the sub-headings help make the science behind energy accessible … [Mulder’s] passion for environmentalism is obvious and her enthusiasm contagious. Brilliant! will spark the interest of many future innovators who can and will change the world.”

- Quill & Quire