maggie and the chocolate war

 Second Story Press (Fall 2007)

*Also available in French as Maggie et la guerre du chocolat, Les Éditions Hurtubise (2009)

Maggie has been saving her delivery-job money for weeks to buy her best friend, Jo, a chocolate bar for her birthday. It’s 1947, and while the war is over and ration tickets are gone, food prices are going up. Then it is announced that the price of chocolate is going up too—now Maggie can never afford to buy a chocolate bar! And neither can the other kids. Maggie and her friends leap into action and wage a strike against the price hike. But what can a bunch of kids do? More than you think!

Inspired by real events, Maggie and the Chocolate War is filled with photographs and newspaper documents covering an amazing historical moment that united children from British Columbia to the Atlantic coast.

Historical fiction for ages 7 +

ISBN: ISBN: 9781897187272



“A great introduction to critical thinking and political activism for young readers … Maggie and the Chocolate War connects readers to a time in Canada’s history when a small group of children stood up for themselves, empowered other kids across the nation and will continue to inspire young minds in the 21st century.

- Canadian Bookseller

“The author uses this historical event to teach young readers that everyone—regardless of age or gender—can participate in public debate.”

- CM Magazine

“I will be holding on to this charming and empowering book for my own kids to read someday.”

- Muse Book Reviews