manuscript consulting

I love reading and offering feedback on the manuscripts of both emerging and established writers. Sometimes we meet in person, but often we work over the phone, with Skype, or by email.

What’s involved?

When a writer approaches me with a manuscript, we first discuss the kind of feedback the writer wants. For example, many want comments on the structure  of the story but don’t want line-by-line editing. Based on a sample of the manuscript, I offer a quote for reviewing and commenting on the entire text, or a portion thereof, according to the writer’s budget. The writer then sends me the complete text (hardcopy, rather than electronically, for texts longer than twenty pages). I review the manuscript, and I offer comments about: what works: which areas could be expanded, reduced or removed; character development; consistency; and flow. I also offer a reading list of related books that might offer further insight.

Here’s what others have said:

“Your sensitive and thoughtful approach to my manuscript gave me the freedom to dig deeper and find the best way to write my story. I appreciated our mutual trust and respect for each other’s ideas. It was such a pleasure working with you; I will recommend your mentorship/editing assistance without hesitation.”

Binnie Brennan, author of Harbour View

“Michelle, thanks so much for your wise words about my story. You were able to see the flaws in the plot and character development that I couldn’t see myself, and you’ve given me a good sense of what I need to do to take my story to the next level.”

Kari Jones, author of Storm Tide

Do you have a manuscript you'd like to discuss?

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